Resisto 590 Waterbased Enamel Trim Paint

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A premium quality water based Acrylic emulsion paint.

Features & Benefits:

  • It is easy to apply.
  • It dries to a smooth white gloss finish.
  • Hard wearing paint system which resists domestic mechanical scrubbing.
  • Good leveling characteristics to archive an even and smooth finished paint film.
  • Reduced long term yellowing due to core shell technology.

Product description: Used for painting of skirtings, doors and windows at your home.

Intended uses: Suitable for new or to repaint work on all types of Wood & Metal substrates.

Appearance: Gloss.

Colour: White.

Generic type: Acrylic emulsion.

Solids Approx:65% by mass; 41% by volume.

S G:1,250 (typical)

Recommended DFT: Min: 25μm – Max: 35μm.

Viscosity at 25 °C: Approx. 95 KU

Flash point: Non-flammable.

Calculated Max VOC: 18 g/ℓ



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Resisto 590 Waterbased Enamel Trim Paint

4Lt., 10Lt., 15Lt

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