BG Wood Varnish – Gloss – Oil Based 4 Litre

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Features & Benefits:

  • 4 Litre packaging
  • Sheen: Gloss
  • Touch Dry <5 hours
  • Coverage approx. 5m2/L
  • It is easy to apply.
  • High protective film build.
  • Exhibit long lasting beauty.
  • Wash and stain resistant.
  • Resists  household chemicals.
  • Oil based paint system

BG High Build Wood Varnish is an oil based high build wood varnish which adds an extra thick layer of protective varnish over your wood substrate. 1 – 2 coates are required to archive full film thickness to protect and enhance your wood substrates. Suitable for interior furniture, windows, trims and doors.


All surfaces have to be free from dirt, grease, wax and oils. Ensure the surface is clean, smooth and completely dry before applying this product. Fill holes and any imperfection with a suitable timber putty.

New Bare Wood:

Use 180-260 sandpaper; sand it into direction of the grid. Remove sanding dust.

Previously painted or Varnished Interior Timber:

Small test area: Clean surface and let it dry, sand it with 180 – 260 sandpaper and remove sanding dust. Apply varnish and let it dry for 24 hours; use sticky tape for adhesion test-press firmly and remove quickly; If varnish comes off remove old varnish to bare wood and follow application instructions.


Ensure wood is ready for coating; shake can very well and or use a flat clean wooden or metal paddle to stir.

Apply a good coat of varnish in direction of the grain; do not overwork the varnish. Use a good synthetic brush and ensure a wet edge is maintained. Touch dry after <5 hourse. Blockfest after 7 days. Drying time is temperature related. Ideal Temperature range: 10C – 35C & 50% relative humidity.

Clean up:

Clean brushes and all other paint items with mineral turpentine




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