BG Industrial Thinner – 4 Litre

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Advantages of BG Industrial Thinner:

  • 100% Pure Solvent
  • Strong thinning properties
  • Universal application

BG Thinner is a 100% Liquid Hydrocarbons system ideal for diluting BG Heavy Duty Concrete Sealer Systems
and BG Industrial Enamels.
Important: Ensure that you wear protective
clothing before using this product!

Thinning down of Single Pack Product:
Add BG Thinner slowly to your required product under mixing, ensure that the thinner is fully worked in and no
solvent is remaining visible at the surface. Ensure that you use clean mixing tools and all electrical tools are suited for
the work with flammable liquids and vapours.

BG Thinner for spray applications:

BG Thinner add to BG Enamel systems 5-10%

BG Thinner add to BG Heavy Duty Concrete Sealer- Please refer to BG Heavy Duty Concrete Sealer instructions.

Surface Preparation:
The successful life of any coating is dependent upon correct and thorough preparation. Please refer to Technical Data


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