BG Industrial Metal Mate 1340 QD Zink Phosphate Primer – 20 Litre

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Advantages of BG Industrial Metal Mate 1340 QD Primer:

  • Ideally suited for protection of mild steel, zink-aluminium & galvanised steel
  • Excellent corrosion protection
  • Very strong UV resistance
  • Fast drying, good sandability & early recoat
  • Sheen: Matt
  • Colours: Dark Grey & Red Oxide
  • Universal industrial applications

Technical Product Information

QD Primer_SDS_v1.2    Q.D. Primer_TDS_v1_2

BG Industrial Metal Mate 1340 QD Primer

BG Industrial Single Pack Enamel Primer is designed as an economic coatings solution for industrial applications. It’s excellent corrosion protection, makes it the perfect product for covering a wide range of industrial applications.

Recommendet Thinner:

BG Thinner – Multi purpose Thinner

Recommendet Dilution Ratio:

5%-10% (v/v)


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