BG Pool Paint Chlorinated Rubber- Light Jade


Advantages of BG Pool Chlorinated Rubber Pool Paint System:

  • Self-priming.
  • Ease to use and apply.
  • Single pack system with, reduced wastage and long shelf life.
  • Versatile, with wide recoat window, and excellent intercoat adhesion.
  • Minimum preparation required for over-coating due to “melt-in” characteristics, which supports easy re-application when maintenance is required.
  • Exhibit good flexibility, abrasion resistance and weather ability.
  • Broad spectrum chemical, salt, oil, mould, algae, bacterial growth and water resistance.
  • Spreading rate approx. 8m2 = 1 Lt
  • Developed in Australia and made for Australia conditions
  • Local Technical support center available @ 1300-894-994


BG Pool Chlorinated Rubber Pool Paint System-Quality that Endures


BG Pool_Application Guide_Chlorinated Rubber_08 Sep 23

BG Pool_Chlorinated Rubber_SDS_v1_ 23 BG Pool_Clorinated Rubber_TDS_v1_ 23

BG Pool Chlorinated Rubber is designed for application to new or old concrete and previously painted chlorinated rubber finishes. It provides outstanding resistance to swimming pool chemicals and salt water.

It is not suitable for previously painted epoxy pools, or marble sheen surfaces. Ensure that the pool painting guide is followed for preparation and application

With more than 50 years experience in the coating industry, BG Pools utilities European technology to offer an array of vibrant colours to renew your old pool surface or to coat your new pool with a finish that is smooth and seamless.



Weight 4.5 kg
Dimensions 18 × 19.5 cm

20lt, 4lt

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