BG Aqua DTM 1490 Water Based Top Coat Colourbond Iron Stone

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Advantages of BG Aqua DTM 1490 Top Coat:

  • Convenient 3 in 1: Adhesion primer. Anti-rust
    coating and attractive topcoat in one.
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Tough long-lasting barrier
  • Attractive enamel finish
  • UV and weather-resistant
  • Rapid drying – early recordable
  • Prevents flash rust
  • Low VOC
DTM 1490_WaterBased Top Coat_TDS_19 Apr 2023
DTM 1490_Water Based Top Coat_SDS_19 Apr 2023
BG Aqua DTM 1490 Top Coat System:

The 1400 System is a fast dry, water-based, low VOC, acrylic finish for interior and exterior direct-to-metal (DTM) applications. The system is suitable for use in mild to moderate environments.  Formulated with a matrix of anti-corrosive pigment and flash rust inhibitor.

BG Aqua DTM W/B Top Coat Iron Stone

4Lt., 10Lt., 20Lt

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