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#​25 years of paint-making experience        #10 litres for $100                #Premium paint at discounted prices                                                         #Low VOC                 #40% cheaper than most retailers

At BG Coatings, we manufacture and sell acrylic paint made to the highest quality, and available to you in over 3,000 different colours. We can colour match just about any sample, or can even come to your property and professionally measure the colour of your wall(s) to get a 100% replica of the colour.

Because our paints are manufactured right here in Perth using premium quality materials, we can make sure that your paint is of the highest quality, colour consistent, and has a low carbon footprint which makes it just that little bit more eco-friendly.

Another bonus to you is the cost of our paints. Because we manufacture the paint here, we are able to sell it at wholesale prices, and in many instances, up to 40% cheaper than the major hardware chain stores.

Other Major Hardware store call it special or discount we as BG Coating just believe that we will offer you a quality product to a great price all the time, every day.

If you are technically minded, please click on the paint buckets below to find out more about our paints range. We also produce artists paints, and you can find out more information on that on our ‘Artist Paint’ page.

CONTACT US NOW for a free quote and to see how you can save on cost, but get a higher quality paint.

Universal Primer Pro 320
Pro Resisto Range 540 Ceiling Paint 1 Go
Pro Resisto Range 560 Wall
Pro Resisto Range 760 Wall Kitchen & Bathroom
Pro Resisto-Flex Range 1140 Wall

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